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Benefits of Business Email Hosting

Benefits of Business Email Hosting

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Communication is key to operating and maintaining your business, and email is one of the most important business communication tools. However, personal email accounts are very different from business emails. This means that as a business owner, you need to make sure that your email domain not only looks professional, but that your email hosting provider is meeting your needs in terms of reliability and security. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to abandon that Gmail or Yahoo email account you might be conducting business with and exchange it for a more professional business email platform and domain name! 

To help you understand why choosing email hosting is beneficial for your business, let’s take a look at why business emails show credibility, how email hosting security protects your business and your customers, and how email hosting keeps your business better organized with email storage and department-designated email addresses.

Business Emails Show Credibility

If you want customers or other business partners to take your business seriously, then you can’t be using a personal email account with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Your audience needs to know from the moment they receive your email that your business is legitimate and professional. That’s why creating a custom email domain, generally one to match your website, is the first benefit to choosing an email hosting provider. 

Creating a unique email domain for your business shows credibility and professionalism. An email address that looks like looks much better and trustworthy than when communicating for business purposes. When you choose an email hosting provider, you have the opportunity to create a unique email domain to match your website. Consumers and business partners have no time to waste with businesses and business owners that don’t appear to be taking their own business seriously. A unique email domain shows your correspondents that you are serious about your business and that you have developed a strong brand image.

Moreover, using a professional business email address, your emails are less likely to end up in spam folders. This is especially important for sales and marketing emails. Using a personal email address for business communications can trigger spam filters in the email accounts of your recipients, causing your emails to look even less trustworthy — if they even see your emails at all. A professional email address and domain name are more likely to be seen as legitimate by both recipients and spam filters.

Email Hosting Security Protects Your Business

Data — including messages, contact information and other personal data — should always be protected online, especially when it comes to your business. Email hosting brings increased security measures from your provider in order to ensure your business data and email communications remain secure from external cyberthreats. Security measures for email hosting can include firewall protection, spam and antivirus filters, secure HTTPS connections and SSL encryptions. When it comes to customer data, sending contracts and other file attachments, or other business information, these security practices from reliable email hosting providers keep unwanted and unauthorized individuals away. 

Cloud-based email hosting for your business also ensures that no data is ever lost. In today’s digital world, having data backups is no longer an option but a necessity. Cloud hosting technology keeps all of your email data secure and accessible at all times by providing frequent and regular backups. Hosting your email in-house can lead to permanent loss of data due to a breach or technical server malfunction. Therefore, choosing a reliable email hosting provider for your business is crucial.

Stay Organized

Do you struggle with keeping track of emails for your business? Email hosting can also help resolve organization issues!

An email hosting provider can offer far more storage for your emails, file attachments, contacts and backups compared to the limited amount of storage space personal email providers offer. Storage options from email hosting service providers are also often scalable to meet your price point and your storage needs, with the ability to grow your email storage needs as your business grows over time. Now, you can keep your emails more secure and easily accessible.

You can also better manage your business emails with the help of email hosting by creating multiple email addresses with the same domain. Instead of having customers and business partners send emails to only one email address, you can instead create different email addresses for different departments or different positions within your business. Sales, customer support, department heads and more can now be better managed with unique, separate inboxes that each come with the same email hosting benefits.

Choose and Email Hosting Provider You Can Trust

Now that you’ve read the benefits of business email hosting, you may be wondering how you can choose this option for your own business. With years of IT, data security and cloud hosting experience, Virtual Stacks Systems UK offers a secure, reliable and scalable email hosting option — eZcloud Mail! We make it easy for your business to establish credibility and ensure the security of your email communications. Learn more about eZcloud Mail, and contact us today to discuss your email hosting and other business solution needs.

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