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SMS Marketing

How to Make SMS Marketing Generate New Revenue

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The most effective marketing strategies reach target audiences through a variety of platforms and methods. Even digital marketing is a broad term that encompasses many different marketing channels. While we tend to think of many platforms when it comes to digital marketing, there is one marketing opportunity that stands apart from the rest as generating consistently high conversion rates — SMS marketing.

SMS marketing, which stands for short message service marketing and is also known as text message marketing, delivers automated marketing messages to the mobile phones of your customers or audience members who opt-in to receive the messages. This more direct form of marketing leads to high open rates and, therefore, higher conversions and sales for your business. As the world becomes increasingly more digital, it’s important for the voice of your brand not to get lost in the crowd of social media and email marketing that your audience is already overwhelmed by. This is where SMS marketing provides a unique angle.

Let’s take a look at SMS engagement rates compared to social media or email marketing, how to personalize your messages for your brand, the importance of including a call-to-action, and the legal necessity of giving clear opt-out options.

Higher Engagement Rates than Other Marketing Methods

It’s true that smart social media marketing can lead to meaningful engagement rates online and can help build your brand voice, but that’s an ongoing process that takes time and patience to develop. SMS marketing, on the other hand, has on average the best engagement rate of any marketing medium, even more than email marketing or PPC advertising. 

What leads to these high engagement rates are extremely high open rates for messages. According to Gartner, the average open rates for email are between 6-20%, while the average open rates for SMS messages are between 45-98%. Talk about a big difference! This means that the more people look at your direct marketing messages, the more likely they are to take action with your brand. 

It’s important to remember that legally, all users must explicitly opt-in to receive messages from your business with a clear opt-in option. Fortunately, it’s easy to make this option clear when utilizing an automated SMS marketing service.

Personalize Your Message

Getting your SMS messages opened by your audience is great, but high open rates won’t matter much if your message doesn’t feel like it’s coming from your brand voice. As with most modern marketing strategies, authenticity and personalization are key to earning engagement. Personalization shows your audience that your business genuinely cares about them and about their experience with your brand, which then increases brand loyalty. 

So, how can you personalize your messages?

Similar to email campaigns, you can include the receiver’s first name in the message greeting by collecting customers’ names when they opt-in to receive your SMS messages. Two-way SMS is another option for further personalization by allowing a business representative or an advanced chatbot to communicate with customers regarding their questions or comments. Finally, you can also easily send customized and personalized links to customers, including follow-up information like a personalized service quote.

Include a CTA

The purpose of sending text marketing messages is to increase your conversion rates and overall sales. So, don’t forget to always include a CTA, or call-to-action! A relevant CTA will motivate customers who have received your SMS message to follow through. Because the messages are naturally short, you’ll want to keep your CTA simple and to-the-point, as well. Consider using clear phrases like “Buy now!” or “Click here!” Additionally, be sure to include CTAs with any promotional offers or coupons, as well.

Remember to Let Them Opt-Out

As mentioned before, you must legally obtain written permission to send users text messages. Otherwise, your SMS messages will both be breaking the law and be seen as spam due to sending unsolicited messages to customers. An easy way to obtain a record of user opt-in permissions is to direct them to text back a specific keyword, YES/NO, or Y/N. Opting out of receiving SMS messages is similar to unsubscribing from an email list, and it should be clear for users how to do so from the very beginning. The best way to ensure this is by sending opt-out directions with your initial welcome message. 

It’s also important to make it clear to audiences when they sign up just what type of messages they can expect to receive and how often they can expect to see them. This will make sure that your business is on the right side of the law and also on the right side of your customers’ perceptions of your brand.

Start Generating New Revenue with SMS Marketing

When it comes to SMS marketing, you’ll need a digital marketing agency that can automate the process for you. Virtual Stacks Systems UK offers flexible and reliable SMS text marketing plans to meet the needs of your business. As digital marketing experts, we have both the technology and the marketing skills to reach your audience and help craft your brand voice. Learn more about our many digital marketing services, and contact us today to improve the reach and performance of your business online.

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