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Harness the Power of Link Building

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Last week, we discussed how to improve your website’s search engine ranking with SEO keywords. However, there are many more ways to improve your SERPs (search engine results pages) ranking than just keywords! Another SEO method you’ll want to consider when building your SEO strategy is link building. It’s also important to remember, though, that today’s link building must prioritize quality over quantity in order to be a successful strategy. In order to improve your organic reach to current and prospective customers, you’ll need to learn what link building really is, how to adapt your link building strategy to your audience, and how to incorporate social media into your link building strategy.

What Is Link Building?

So, what really is link building? In general, link building is when other websites hyperlink (just link for short) back to your website. Link building is significant when it comes to SEO because search engines are able to navigate and track the hyperlinks between websites (this is a process known as link crawling). Link crawling helps search engines determine if your website is likely to provide quality content to users. Simply put, better-quality links will lead to better rankings. While it can be one of the most difficult elements of a successful SEO strategy to implement, link building can also be one of the most rewarding if done correctly by earning links from other high-quality, trustworthy websites.

Who Is Your Audience, and What Do They Do?

Link building is an essential core element to your SEO strategy, especially in terms of how you can increase traffic to your website. With link building, users who visit your website by clicking a hyperlink to it on another website are known as referrals. One of the most important things to consider when developing your link building strategy is your audience.

You need to know both the current state of your audience, as well as how you would like your audience to grow. Understanding your current audience in terms of their interests, goals, and other websites they are interested in can point you in the right direction for connecting with other people who share those same traits. It will be especially helpful to jot down a list of other websites and brands that your current audience is interested in, which you can then get your own brand involved with as a member of those online communities. 

The best link building is natural — so don’t force it! Generate useful, engaging and high-quality content to draw other individuals and brands to your website. Directly asking for links back to your website from other websites, while not outright wrong to do, will still often be seen as spam and untrustworthy. If you want to grow your audience, especially with link building, you have to make sure your content is up to standard with or even better than your competitors.

Get Active on Social Media

So, if you want to avoid directly asking for links to your website from other websites, how can you gain the attention of other brands and their audiences? The key to link building is to get active on social media.

You can easily build your brand’s presence and interact with communities online by sharing news, blog posts, pictures or videos related to your brand and your audience. This will not only catch the attention of your current audience, but will also increase your brand reach online as others share your content. Boost your engagement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by posting both your original quality content alongside appropriately credited shared content.

When your social media presence is active, other websites with similar or related audiences to yours will then be likely to both share your content on their profiles as well as link to your website from their own. Social media is the best way to improve your link building strategy, grow your audience and increase engagement all at the same time!

Grow Your Links and Your Audience

As previously stated, link building is only one part of a comprehensive SEO strategy, just like keywords. So when it comes to growing your audience online and through organic search engine results, you’re going to need all of your bases covered — and covered constantly. The world of SEO is always changing. Therefore, you’ll get the most out of your SEO strategy with the help of a team of dedicated digital marketing experts with Virtual Stacks Systems UK! From dedicated SEO services to social media marketing and more, our team will be there to develop the most effective strategies for success online. If you’re interested in growing your audience, contact us to discuss your current website and digital marketing needs.

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