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Are You Losing Customers on Your E-Commerce Website?

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An e-commerce website is designed to sell your products and increase profits. If visitors are leaving before making a purchase, however, your success will go down. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your online customers stay engaged with your website, instead of deserting it without a purchase.

As competition within the e-commerce industry intensifies, no e-commerce business can afford to slack when it comes to creating an effective environment that encourages site visitors to make that final sale and become loyal customers.

E-commerce Market in the UK

Global retail e-commerce sales values are expected to reach $3.45 trillion in 2019. Additionally, e-commerce retail sales are projected to total about 13.7% of all global retail sales in 2019. 

According to Statista, in 2019, e-commerce market revenue in the UK will amount to approximately £61,258m. The e-commerce revenue in the UK is projected to grow at an annual rate of 5.9%, leading to a market volume of  £77,164m by 2023.

Additionally, the user penetration in the UK in 2019 is currently at 88.1%, which is expected to increase to 91.9% in the next four years. The average revenue per user in the UK is approximately £1,029.

Top Reasons Why Users May Leave Your E-Commerce Website

Enticing your site visitors long enough to make a purchase is no easy task. Time is valuable, and there is always something more interesting to see somewhere else online for users. If you want to see an increase in profits, it’s important to provide your e-commerce website visitors with the engaging content that meets their needs and interests.

Let’s look at the top reasons why visitors may be leaving your e-commerce website, along with what you can do to keep them around longer.

Ignoring Your Audience — If you don’t understand your audience, you will not be able to effectively advertise to them or provide them with the content they want to see. Be sure to research your audience demographic, what your audience searches for online, and how your audience digitally interacts with brands. Truly knowing your audience guarantees a more strategic approach that will bring in sales and a positive ROI.

Slow Loading Speeds — Attention spans are short, and users are busy. They aren’t willing to wait more than a few seconds maximum for a website or even a page on a website to load, and they won’t think twice about not coming back to your website if it’s slow. Despite this, many e-commerce websites still face load speeds on the slower end. Decrease your bounce rates by optimizing page images or sequencing your assets.

Difficult Checkout Processes — Similar to slow page load speeds, visitors don’t have the time or patients to deal with slow or complicated processes, especially during checkout. This is the worst time to lose visitors to your e-commerce site, since they are so close to making that final purchase. Earn the sale by avoiding multiple forms and minimizing the number of steps required during checkout.

Mobile Incompatibility — No e-commerce business can afford to lose sales due to poor mobile performance of its website. More users than ever before are shopping online with their phones, and the numbers are only expected to increase over time. Even Google is aware of this trend, which is why the search engine gives higher priority to websites that are mobile responsive. Online shoppers don’t want to fuss with an e-commerce website that doesn’t look right or work properly on their mobile device. Make sure your website has an appealing, functioning responsive design.

No Posted Reviews — Reviews of products left by other customers are one of your most valuable assets in the e-commerce industry. Positive and thorough reviews are key influencers in convincing new customers to purchase products. While your goal may be to always have positive reviews, don’t be afraid of any potential negative reviews. Any unfortunate negative reviews also gives your e-commerce business the opportunity to respond and rectify the situation, thus increasing the credibility of your brand to site visitors.

Stagnated Content — If you haven’t updated your e-commerce website in a while with fresh content, this may appear to be a red flag for your visitors. Your e-commerce brand should consistently provide new and relevant content to your audience. This shows that you care about target audience interests, helps you improve SEO and search engine rankings, and keeps your business looking modern—all elements that will be sure to boost your conversions and sales.

Hiding Costs — Be open and honest about your pricing. Hidden costs can instantly cause users to quickly abandon your e-commerce website. While seemingly lower costs may initially entice customers, a sudden spike in the price of a product during checkout can be a huge shock. Not only will customers leave if products are not advertised according to the correct pricing, but your business will also appear untrustworthy. This can cause drastic losses for both potential one-time and recurring customers.

Confusing Navigation — Confusing or difficult page navigation can frustrate visitors. You want them to easily find and purchase the products on your e-commerce website, not give up and never come back. Be sure to keep your menu and organizational structure simple, clear, and precise. Vague menu options, overwhelming choices, and difficult to find features are a guarantee for lost site visitors.

Not Including an “About Us” Section — Online shoppers want to know the brands where they shop. Your “About Us” section to your e-commerce website is an opportunity to give a voice to your brand and build credibility. Users are much more likely to make a purchase if they feel that the people on the other side are real, honest, and passionate about their products and services. Stand apart from the competition and make your e-commerce business stand out in your “About Us” page!

Digital Solutions for Your E-Commerce Business

Whether you are just starting your e-commerce business or have been around for many years, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of the digital age all on your own. Consider Virtual Stacks Systems UK for your digital marketing and web development needs when it comes to your e-commerce website. From website design, to our expert SEO services, to cloud hosting with eZnet Stores, and more, we provide comprehensive plans that are sure to see your e-commerce business succeed. Contact us to discuss the plan that’s right for your business!

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