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Video Marketing

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

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An effective marketing strategy is essential to any business success. Of course, text and images are necessary content to have a marketing plan. However, video and visually engaging content are now higher in demand than ever before from brands in all industries, which is why video marketing is important to consider as part of your strategy.

Of the businesses surveyed by Wyzowl in 2017, 63 percent were utilizing video marketing. From there, 82 percent of business that use video marketing claimed that it was important to their marketing strategy, 99 percent plan to continue with video marketing and 83 percent saw a positive ROI from video marketing. With this increase, it is expected that by 2022, video will account for 82 percent of web traffic, with 17 percent of that traffic being dedicated to live video.

Video content is highly engaging for consumers, and it provides great return on investment (ROI) for marketers. Let’s first learn more about some different common video types, and then we will look at the top seven reasons to implement video marketing.

Types of Video

Videos can be structured in a variety of different ways, depending on their purpose and your marketing goals. Here are just a few of the most common video types:

  • Explanatory videos are informative and educational, teaching your customers about your products, services, values, brand history, and more.
  • Interviews are conversational and feature an exchange of ideas. These can be created with knowledgeable guests or relevant influencers of your industry.
  • Demos and product reviews generate a healthy brand image with the help of influencers and brand partners willing to feature their customer experience in exchange for the product. These videos also help develop a better understanding of your customer audience through their engagements with the videos.
  • Live video thrives on social media where you can develop a real-time connection with your audience and showcase your authenticity.

Seven Reasons to Use Video Marketing

Video is one of the most powerful and flexible marketing tools available to help you achieve your business goals. Let’s look at seven top reasons to start using video marketing:

  1. Increase conversion rates and sales — Videos have been known to improve conversions and sales because they are engaging to viewers. A video on a landing page can positively influence customers and thus increase conversions by 80%. When it comes to direct sales, as many as 74% of people who see a video in an explanatory video will go on to purchase it. These stats are hard to ignore when it comes to the selling power of videos.

2. Positive return on investment — According to the previously mentioned Wyzowl 2017 research, 83% of businesses claim to have experienced a positive ROI from video marketing. While some video formats may seem costly from the outset to produce, the value in sales, engagement and brand awareness is worth it. Making videos doesn’t have to be costly, however. There are many affordable online video editing tools, and smartphones make the quick production of high-quality video content easier than ever.

3. Build brand authority — Your audience needs to trust that your brand is reputable and an industry leader. Content marketing is key to building this trust and leadership with your customers. Videos, in particular, foster a personal connection with your audience – which makes them more informed about and interested in your products or services.

4. Google and YouTube connection — Visitors to your website are much more likely to spend time on your webpages and eventually make a purchase if there are videos for them to watch. The longer amount of time people spend on your website, the higher it is likely to be ranked by Google, since it provides content users are sticking around to see. Additionally, uploading your marketing videos to YouTube will help SEO practices because YouTube is operated by Google.

5. Optimization for mobile — Again, according to the Wyzowl 2017 report, 90% of interviewees report watching videos on their mobile devices. This comes as no surprise, considering the majority of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices. Videos are, therefore, ideal for creating an engaging mobile user experience. Google has also found that mobile users are more likely than desktop users to develop a personal connection to brands that have video content or video ads.

6. Explain your product — Consumers are more interested in your product if you show in detail what it is and how it works. They want brands to be open, honest and helpful. The best way to do this is, of course, through video. YouTube and your website are two great places to showcase product demonstration video series. About 45% of businesses that use video marketing feature an explanatory video on their homepage, and 83% of them confirmed the video improved sales.

7. Boost customer reach and engagement — Videos are much easier for customers to access and consume as opposed to text and even infographics. It’s often quicker to watch a video than to read a long blog post or lengthy product description. Video marketing is the quickest way to make sure you’re reaching and appealing to all of your audience, as it is easy to share across multiple platforms.

Improve Your Brand with Video Marketing

Video is just one of many vital marketing strategies in today’s fast-paced digital age. Without it, your brand risks falling behind your competitors and losing out on potential sales. Just as important to video is implementing a holistic marketing strategy. No matter what your industry or business size, Virtual Stacks Systems UK offers expert and customizable marketing services, including SEO, social media, email marketing and more! Contact us today to start your comprehensive marketing plan.

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