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Why is Responsive Web Design Essential for Your Business?

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It’s difficult for a business to succeed without a website. However, simply having a website doesn’t guarantee online success. Effective websites have an appealing layout, user-friendly navigation and, very importantly, a responsive web design. A responsive web design both provides a positive user experience and assistance in boosting your site’s search engine rankings.

In 2015, Google’s search algorithm was updated to index how websites perform on mobile devices, giving preference to those that performed and adapted well. Mobile-friendly website designs have text that is easily readable without zooming in, plenty of space to tap links and icons and layouts that don’t require turning a device horizontally.


So, why is it essential for your website to have a responsive design?

Mobile phone usage is on the rise, and it’s not going away any time soon. Businesses either need to adapt or completely lose out. By the end of 2018, 3 billion people worldwide were smartphone users. This number is only expected to increase to 3.8 billion by 2021. Mobile internet searches have also been steadily increasing compared to the drop in searches over desktop computers.

Essentially, your business can’t afford to not cater to mobile users. If your website is not optimised for mobile, your search engine rankings will drop. You will also save your business time and resources by making a responsive website rather than two or more separate ones.


What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design, or RWD, adjusts the size and layout of your website to your user’s device without using a different URL or changing the content source. A responsive web design provides a seamless experience for users, no matter the device. Your website should look the same or similar on all devices, which include desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile smartphones. To automatically resize and optimize a website’s layout on all devices, responsive web design uses HTML and CSS languages.

Early on the in the development of mobile devices, developers needed to create more than one site for different screen sizes. This is no longer standard practice. Responsive web design has now become a necessity for online business.


Why is it important for businesses to have a responsive web design?

A responsive web design allows you to increase your reach to current and potential customers who are, undoubtedly, on mobile devices. Not only will you also provide a smooth and easy experience to your customers online, but you will also increase lead generation, boost sales and improve conversion rates. Responsive web design also allows all analytics, reporting and tracking to come from a single source, making your metrics easier to access and understand. Of course, the resources of time and cost for maintaining your website will also be reduced. Finally, adopting a responsive web design will keep you ahead of your competitors.


Benefits of using a responsive website

Google is the world’s primary search engine and the general authority on many web-related topics. Even Google stresses the importance of responsive web design for smartphone-optimised websites.

There are several benefits to implementing a responsive web design:

Responsive web design increases traffic – Mobile users are a large part, if not the majority, of your customers online. They will not stick around if your website isn’t working or easily usable on their device. Additionally, since keeping up multiple websites for different devices isn’t an efficient choice, maintaining one single responsive website will ensure that your website is accessible and that your web traffic will be directed to only one place.

Responsive web design is cost-effective and low on maintenance – Maintaining separate websites for desktop and mobile costs time and money. A single website with a responsive web design provides the best overall value. Opting for a responsive web design may cost slightly more in the initial development, but over time it is much easier to maintain and becomes more cost-effective.

Responsive web design provides a seamless user experience – A non-responsive website distorts the layout of the site on mobile devices, making it off-putting and difficult to use for mobile visitors. This makes surviving as a business difficult. Customers will be driven away if text is unclear, if images are out of place or navigation is confusing. A responsive web design ensures that your visitors enjoy a seamless user experience, which keeps them engaged and interested in your products and services.

Responsive web design adapts to all screen sizes – Stay ahead of the competition by providing a responsive web design for all of your visitors. Users will be able to access your website from their computer, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc. This helps you retain customers because your website will instantly adjust itself to every screen with ease.

Responsive web design improves SEO – A website with a responsive web design is very likely to have a higher search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Google’s algorithm gives preferences to websites that are responsive, since the majority of searches are now taking place on mobile devices. This means your website will be higher up on the list when customers are searching for your business or similar ones. Responsive web design is one of the top pillars of improving your search engine optimization (SEO). The higher your rank on your search results, the more likely your business will generate leads, increase conversions and boost sales.

If you need to update your website to have a responsive design, Virtual Stacks Systems UK may be your solution. As a full-service global digital marketing agency, we can provide you with experienced web designers who will ensure your business and website stay up-to-date in the digital age.

We offer website design, website redesign and SEO services, among many others.

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